Tuesday, August 07, 2007

wedding update

1. WE GOT INVITATIONS DONE AND PRINTED!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOHOOOOOO! In English and Spanish! amazing!

2. we have a new e-mail address..... claudioamy4.10.07@gmail.com (in spanish the day comes before the month... so that is our wedding date)

3. music is all chosen for the ceremony! and CD's are burned for all our musicians!

..........and well everything else is in the works. :) If you have any centerpeice suggestions or cake table and (sweets table) setting ideas... bring them on! Kristin... I'm counting on you for some ideas, Mrs. Interior Design! :)

While I'm gone in the states, Claudio will be looking for an apartment/duplex/house for us.... and probably putting something down on it.... so pray for wisdom there.... renting is such a mess with owners AND with most of all with realtors.... everyone is looking how they can make the most money... and taking advantage of you... so pray we find a good house, a good deal, and good owners that are just honest.


Kristin said...

Happy Birthday my love!!! I hope you had a great time in Greenville, I'm so glad we got to spend time together, I can't wait to see the pictures! You are such a dear friend and I'm so excited for you to get married in a couple months, I only wish I could be there. It's kind of strange, but the next time we see each other our lives with have drastically changed. You will be married, and I'll have a baby!! AAAHHH!!!! Amy, I love you so much! Come back soon! : )

AE said...

sounds good! love you lots Kristin!!!!! I'm so happy to be with you ... or at least cyber "wit you" through these changes! sorry we4 didn't really get to say a good "goodbye"... but hey... we're in touch... so it's not really goodbye at all.
gotta go catch my bus! love you ltso!

Ryan Donell said...

Did you mean to send Mom and Dad a spanish wedding invitation?

AE said...

oh crap!!!!!!!! was it in spanish??????? are you serious???? NO! I only thought we printed ENGLISH oens?! yikes!!!!! stinks!