Thursday, August 30, 2007

August Update

Okay... so it's time to update! and I know... most of you that know me are saying... What is AMY doing with PINK on her page... but hey... i figured... I can't loose anything... it's a blog page... who cares! :)... maybe I'm changing every so slightly!!!!
My trip: it was great! I got lots of down time with Rachel and the kids... Phoebe is just BEAUTIFUL! I was hoping to be able to post some pictures I took of her while I was in the States... but Rachel has them all... so until then You'll have to wait.
Photography: I got some fun chances to take new born pictures of Phoebe, some pregnant pictures of my dear friend Kirstin Cunningham, AND some pre wedding pictures at Christina's wedding! So there was a lot to be learned there.
Christina's wedding: WAS beautiful! I loved so many unique things from the Chofar (which my nephew Caleb thought was an Elephant in the balcony), the cloud of witness effect of the bridesmaids and groomsmen around the bride and groom, and everyone sitting down to give FULL attention to the Preaching of God's Word.... pretty cool!
OUR wedding: 36 more days!!!!!! We've planned our cake, our center peices and table settings, our leaving (everyone is ringing little bells as we leave!), mom's made the flower girls' dress, we've cut ribbon, pasted doilis to paper bags (luminaries), tied bows..... I think we're getting closer!!!!
Book Recomendation: No Longer Two by Brian and Barbra Edwards Wonderful counseling book for engaged couples... it has some things in it that pertain ONLY to England, Whales, Scotland and some other European countries.... but it's got some GREAT things in it that at the VERY least generate a lot of conversation.... but it's good.
The Church: Is growing! We have been so thankful to see so many people startig to commit to the church and IT'S PEOPLE!!!!! It's exciting!
well okay... so that's enough for today. I'll write more later. Besos and Abrazos!

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