Friday, August 31, 2007

Apartment find!

Today MIGHT be a big day!... we think we've found an apartment! 2 bedrooms (carpeted with closets.. not always a given in apartments), living/diningroom, kitchen, furnished, which is wonderful because there are some things we're still missing ie: table, chairs, stove etc... but this apartment will have it!..... an asador up stairs available to all apartment dwellers, AND... give me a drum roll........... IT HAS A WASHER AND A DRYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A REAL find here!
The Lord has been so kind.... Just this week I had read Psalm 50 which says:
"For every beast of the forest is MINE, the cattle on a thousand hills....
And call upn Me in the day of trouble; I shall rescue you, and you will honor Me"
The King of all creation is able to give us an apartment, if all that is in Carlos Paz, Cordoba Argentina is HIS... it is only a matter of royal word that he give these two town dwellers, Claudio and Amy, an apartment. If the king Xerxes can promise Esther up to half the the kindom, why cannot our GREAT, MIGHTY, and GOOD GOD give us an apartment??
I HONOR HIM for he has done GREAT things!
ps.... this afternoon I'll post some pictures of the apartment. :)


Ryan Donell said...

Furnished ...with carpet!?!? I can't believe it! Praise the Lord! Bring on the pics!

AE said...

we are SUPER excited!!! we didn't get to see it on friday... the guy was too busy at work... so he said this Monday AND he said.... that if we looked at it, and liked it... it was OURS... he wasn't showing it to anyone else... and he wasn't going to put it with a realtor!!!!! IT'S AMAZING!!!!
pictures...coming soon.

AE said...

AND..... it's only 3 blocks from mom and dad's house... which will be great for the wedding!

Ashley said...

That's wonderful, Amy! We're in the middle of apartment searching ourselves ... we had a possibility fall through this week, so it's been a bit discouraging. But it's encouraging to hear how the Lord has provided for you! We trust He will do the same for us.

AE said...

i understand ash... last we had a wonderful possibility fall through for us too... it was discourageing... but we just had to trust that the Lord new what neighbors HE wanted to give us. He WILL provide for you all... He always does! Love you guys, and I'll pray that He will increase your faith in this process as He has and IS in us! :)