Wednesday, September 19, 2007

14 more days!!!!!

HOUSING: talk about rollercoster of emotions!..... we've gone back to negotiating with the man, Javier, from the apartment on La Rioja 330(pictures below)..... things are looking to be going in our favor right now... this afternoon Claudio and I are going to pay a deposit and get contracts going. We're still not sure when we'll be moving in... if it will be this week or next.... but the Lord is leading.

WEDDING WORLD: We are defining colors of flowers that are coming in (we're at the change of season so flower colors are varying), we've paid and have arranged our cake, we defined some details at the reception/ceremony site Yesterday. Some GREAT news there.... the pool will be FULL! The two weddings after us on Friday and Saturday, are club members, and they required the pool to be fixed and full! SO... our wedding gets the advantage as well! Food is going to be yummy and I think the site will be too! We're arranging sound system stuff ... so that everyone can hear above the wind... I think it will be beautiful! I hope so... as long as my veil doesn't fly off! :)
My dress is getting it's alterations... in the next couple of days I go in for the final fitting.... i can't believe all of this... I'm SUPER excited though!!!! 14 more days!!!!!!!

The WEATHER has been BEAUTIFUL! We had two days of heavy rain... and it's forcasted for beautiful sunny weather for the next 2 weeks... so it looks like we'll have things nice and green, and sunny for the day of!!! WOOHOO!

Ok... that's all for now... OFF to do more errands, before things close at 1pm.


Kristen Hatfield said...

Sounds so exciting Amy! Just 14 more days!!!

Ashley Brennan said...

I can't believe it's coming up that quickly! Yay! How exciting! :o)

claudio said...

i know... ash.. i can't either! I remember thinking just what you're thinking... about Christina and Ryan!.... and in a few more months... it will be YOURS!....
how are you DOING Ashley? How's the house hunt coming? wedding plans? who's doing y'alls marriage counseling?


Kristin said...

Oh my goodness!!!! It's almost here!!!! This is so exciting! I wish I could be there!!! I love you girl!!!

Ashley Brennan said...

Wedding plans are going great. We picked out our cake a few weeks ago, and the bridesmaids dresses came in yesterday (a month early!). Chad is doing our marriage counseling and our ceremony. We've put down a deposit to rent a townhome on East North Street, but they don't have one open yet. We're the first on the list when one comes available, so we're praying for that to happen pretty soon. Thanks for asking.

Praying for you in your last days of engagement,