Saturday, September 15, 2007

lessons in renting a house....

Sometimes things don't always go as planned. Man sometime is on Plan F or G or even Z... but God is always on Plan A! I've learned a lot about being a help meet in this process... here are some:
1. you influence your husband/man best by fearless tranquility.
2. when you are not tranquil about things... that does not help his decision discernment and trust in the Lord.
3. when you make decisions out of anxiety or huriedness... you make BAD decisions.
4. The Lord protecs you as His sheep among wolves.
5. Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understandings in all your ways acknowledge Him and HE will make your paths straight.
houseless, but not hopeless,


home said...

Amy, What happened?
Cheryl H.

claudio said...

nothing terrible... we just realized that the other house was too much financial commitment for us at this point... and another apartment possibility we had... we had even signed on... and then realized that there some MAJOR bubi-traps (sp) in the contract that was setting us up for the owner to take advantage of us... so we got out of it as quickly as possible... thankfully we even achieved to get our deposit back... which NEVER happens in argentina... usually once you give you money, you're not seeing it again. SO... we're at ground zero still.. but we're NOT in the negative! That is a PLUS. :) We're tusting the Lord and looking high and low! Pray that the Lord would give us wisdome, discernment, and fearless tranquility in the promises of God.
I'll keep you updated.

your sister,

Ashley Brennan said...

Amen to all of those lessons. Praying that you find a house soon,


Kristin said...

Call me and let me know if I still need to do a slide show?

Where are the belly pictures? : )

bballbek said...

Hey Amyyy, I just wanted to say "hey" and to ask where is "Edens Rain?" Love you tons.
P.S. Tell the fam I say hi (and Claudio too). LYLAS.
Bekah (again).