Thursday, September 06, 2007

La Rioja 330

There are a lot of the old lady's things still in the apartment... so here are the BEFORE pictures... give me a week or 2 and you'll the AFTER pictures. :)

la cocina

Claudio's future studio

the hall way

the boys playing in the bathroom!

............somethings I'm learning on the word "house" through the book of Genesis

  • housholds suffer and rejoice all things together.

  • houses are places of hospitality and of shutting people out.
  • it's the place where children are taught to keep the way of the Lord by doing what is right and just.

  • a house can be owned and dwelt in by God.

  • a house is a place of refuge

  • a house is a place of finding great treasures

  • always be looking to doing good to your household.

  • it's a place where traditions, beliefs, and meals are shared.

  • the head of a household can choose to honor or to disgrace a person in their home.

  • usually the household goes down with the head.

  • God can take away and give as much or as little in your house (belongings or people)

  • God is the one who blesses households and their labors.

  • your home is where we ALL live out our daily lives, from Kings, servants, children, captains, soldiers, the righteous and the wicked.... ALL.

  • your home is a place to serve


Kristen Hatfield said...


It's beautiful. I love the house! Reminds of the line from Begone Unbelief: "'Tis mine to obey and HIS to provide." I am so excited for you and Clau!

Kristin said...

I didn't get any pictures yet. I don't know if you haven't sent them, or if you sent them to the wrong email address, Hopefully I'll get them soon! Love the apartment, super cute!

Much love,

Ashley Brennan said...

The apartment looks perfect, Amy! :o) I'm so happy for you.

Eowyn's Heir said...

...and Ryan & I just saw a movie w/ Russell Crowe in it, and the entire time it bugged me because he was the bad guy (mostly), and he looks so much like your Dad!! I kept thinking... man...those are Don's eyes! And I love your Dad (and his eyes) so dearly, that it made me quite uncomfortable with hating the story's villain! Please give him & your Mom & that wascally-wabbit (Ian) my love!