Friday, December 14, 2007

all our friends! (this was at Sebastian's baptism)


the Hatfields said...

Amy & Claudio,
Please send our love and 'congratulations' to Sebastian with regards to his baptism. We love and miss you all. We have great memories of getting to know Sebastian and the Molinas during your wedding week. Have a blessed Christmas.

Ryan Donell said...

I showed this pic of Seba to Jo. =-)


AE said...

go lyd!!!!... Sebastian is a professional tennis player... he was 3rd in Argentina some years ago... but now that he's passed his "prime" he gives tennis lessons to other professionals. oh DUH!!!... you met Seba at the wedding! you know all that.... yeah..well... we love Seba!!! and has proven to really love the Lord... it's so fun to watch him grow! a couple of weeks ago his question at our question and answer night at our house was, "what does a christian dating relationship look like?"... I hope the Lord gives him a wonderful God loving wife to join him in his walk.

melandaaron said...

I almost did not recognize you! Your hair looks great!