Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas Decorating

this is our front door wreath

this is our token, new ornament for the year.... it represents the new home we are creating.... the Molina Home... of Claudio and Amy!


Kristin said...

Well, I hope you heard the news, I asked Jane to call you and let you know. Kaydence finally made her debut!!! She's absolutely perfect!! 6lbs 4 oz and 18 inches long!! She is truely a miracle. Wish you could be here to see her in person, I've got pictures up on facebook if you haven't already seen and I'm trying to get them up on my blog soon. Isn't it a blast decorating you new home for Christmas!!??! I know I had fun my first time. Give me a call when you get the chance and I'll give you all the details, I'll be at home with Kaydence! I love you, miss you bunches hope you are enjoying being married!

Ryan Donell said...

Nice stockings! I remember getting those w/ ya.


melandaaron said...

I haven't been on here in awhile! Love all the pics! It looks like you are all settled in your new home, and marriage is wonderful! I am so glad! If you get a chance I posted some pics of Makenna:)