Saturday, March 29, 2008

March Update

Events of the past several weeks... in short.

Ian turned 11!!! He's grown so much! Thankfully... the Lord has allowed some good friends for him... which have been hard to come by. Pray for his soul. That he would be softened and feel his great need of the Great Savior!

I Started a new job at Wallace Academy! I'm teaching English to 10 and 11 year old kids. I have one class (monday's and wednesdays) 2 boys 6 girls... they are a fun class ... I've already had one of the little guys "dedicate a goal" to me... how special right?! Boys are so funny how they express affection! The girls are super sweet and affectionate too!... and... we have fun learning English!
My second class (tuesday and thursdays) is a class of 6 girls. They are a little more mature... and learn more towards the adolescense stage... but it being all girls they feel the need to be "cool" for anyone. SO... that makes learning easier and more fun!

- my 2 directors (they teach also) are great! In Argentina English Schools are used more as statis and English is used to humiliate those who don't know it. But my two directors, Mara and Fernanda, do not have such attitudes and are really great to work with. So I'm really thankful!

- Fridays We'll be starting a Conversation course that I'll be teaching too!... So the oppertunities just keep coming!

- Just a couple weeks before this job opened up I had been praying that the Lord would lead me in the direction that I needed to go... photography or English? The same week I had put out a whole bunch of flyers to do baby, pregnancy, couples etc.. photography I had put out an e-mail to start some English classes. I got VERY LITTLE replies from the photography and none for the English classes. Then, my sister-in-law showed me an add from Wallace Academy looking for Certified English Teachers. I went. Had the interview... and the Lord just opened that door wide open! He led! As he always does! "commit your way to the Lord and He will guide you..." (proverbs).

The Thursday night group that we've been having at our house just keeps growing. There are about a total of 18 people that come... the regular number is about half that... but some float in and out... and you never know when we'll be all 18! Pray that we would be bold with the SAVING GOSPEL.... it really does SAVE!...

In 6 days Claudio and I Celebrate 6 months of marriage! They have been wonderful! We love it more every day! I wish you could all meet him.
For those of you that have never seen any of Clau's Art... here is a little peice....

Well...... that's about it for now. sorry it's so short and not creative writting... but... "es lo que hay"... :)..... besos y abrazos a todos!

Amy Molina


Kristen Hatfield said...

Thanks for the update! I really enjoyed catching up with you the other're always a great blessing! My love to you and Clau.

Kristin said...

Sounds like you've been busy!! It's great to get an update! Miss you bunches!! Love always!!

melandaaron said...

nice uppdate! Happy belated Birthday Ian! Seems like you have a pretty full plate these days! but it sounds like thigns are wonderful! So happy for you!