Monday, March 17, 2008

Ortiz Week

So last week we took care of 6 kids... 2 were at Clau and I's apartment and the other 4 with mom and dad. Their parents went to get seme paper work done in Buenos Aires... they took the 2 littlest and the other 6 stayed with us. IT was a WILD CRAZY week... so here's some pics from our adventures!

Lautaro the Monkey
Happy Selena

silouet kid

the girls hangin' with Clau

our little fairy

best buds

Selena's longest eyelashes


melandaaron said...

gorgeous pics once again ams, you never stop amazing me! Looks like you guys had your hands full and had a blast!

AE said...

we did!.... have our hands full... we had our fun moments... but taking care of 6 children... not our own... with different rules, expected behaviors... and completely different ethical standard.... there comes conflicts.... I love these kids dearly!.... i hope to see them succeed in life... and more importantly... know Christ. Pray for their family.


Kristin said...

Thanks for the Anniversary wishes!! Hard to believe its been 2years. Time flies by trust me. I miss you so much!! I hope we can talk soon!!! Happy Easter!!

Anonymous said...

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