Monday, October 13, 2008

September-October Events

Our friend, Fede. We went to his birthday. He's a guy that meets with us on Tuesdays.... super nice guy.

mom's been sowing a lot lately. She brought home some patterns and material from their trip in July. She's made about 12 different outfits for little Phoebe... and they are A-DOR-A-BLE!!!! She's amazing!!! I would buy these outfits any day of the week for my daughter! I have such a talented mom! So here is one of the little dresses she's finished.

Dad's head shot for the conference. I like how it turned out!

Ian in action! aka CHISPA (sparky) because he's so full of energy!
average points in a game: 6 (maybe 4)
Rebounds: 2
he really loves the game and loves playing! He's getting better every day!


melandaaron said...

Love the dress! I know Rachael will be excited! I would buy those for Makenna! Too cute! The pictures are great, the one of your dad is very distinguished. Ian is getting tall! Thanks for sharing all the pics!

AE said...

melissa... i have to thank you for commenting! sometimes i get discouraged because nobody ever comments or responds to my entries... and you always do... so many times i keep going because i know that at least YOU will look at my blog.... i appreciate the interest and love!

how are you all doing?

Kristen Hatfield said...

Amy, that dress is SOOO cute. Your mom is amazing. Also, Ian is getting so big. He doesn't look like a little boy anymore. ;) And your photography is beautiful, as always.

btw...I still enjoy your blog. Keep us posted. ;)

AE said...

i know.... i know! you, melissa, and christina are the ones that keep me going! love you bunches kristin!!!!!!!