Saturday, May 09, 2009

girl names

Since we've x-nayed "mila" as our girl name... We've looked and looked, and continually Clau and I are drawn to Celtic names. Gaelic, Irish, Scottish etc... we just really like them, they're strong,spunky, and beautiful.

So here are the two we are inbetween. You can make your comments, please do... obviously parents always like to hear that everyone loves the names they pick... but I've come at ease with the fact that not everyone is going to like our name choices... and dag-gum-it... it's okay. It's our baby, we get to name her. SO... here are some of the options we are considering... :)

Keelan Juliette

Logan Juliette

Keelan is Gaelic for beautiful, graceful
and Logan is Scottish for little cove. (and yes, it can be a girl's name too!)

There are so many things to consider when choosing a name: Sound, rythm, spelling, pronunciation, initials, connotations (when you hear the name Condon, what do YOU think of? :)), personal likes/dislikes, family, meaning, and in our case two languages... can our family pronounce it?, and will our country allow it? (In Argentina they have a specific list of names that are permited. If the name you choose isn't on the list you have to make a special request.... it's a mess.) So name choosing isn't all that easy... and that doesn't include the fact that it's the name that your child will carry for the rest of her life. That's pretty important in and of itself.


Kristin Cunningham said...

I personal favorite is Keelan!!!

melandaaron said...

Keelan :)