Thursday, July 16, 2009

Breakfast "Serrano"

Clau and I had a wonderful breakfast this morning at Vitto's. We're trying to enjoy as much time together, alone, as possible before little Jilly-bean gets here. Although my outings are a little limited because of all the sickness floating around, we've been able to enjoy some special in home and out of home dates. Snuggling up to a nice movie, going out for icecream, a nice breakfast at a little café.... and this next week we have a four days of birthday festivities planned for Clau.

Tomorrow (Friday) I have my doctor's 34 week check up! and shortly thereafter another ultrasound! I can't wait to see Jillian again!
On Saturday Grace Baptist Church is SO KINDLY throwing Jillian and Clau and I a virtual baby shower!
On Sunday we have our monthly church pot-luck and in the evening we're going bowling with Mariano and Mariana (affectionately called M&M.)
On Monday I have an EKG planned, and it's "FRIEND'S DAY", which we take seriously here.
On Tuesday we're going to have dinner with another couple. Some long time friends of Clau's, Rafael and Claudia.
On Wednesday it's Clau's 35th birthday!!!! So OF COURSE we're having an Asado with his family. Yum!!
On Thursday we're getting together with friends to celebrate. Like on every Thursday we have a group of people over, so we're going to throw in a cake and some candals and celebrate with them.
On Friday Clau and I are going to celebrate his birthday together by going to one of Clau's all time favorite winter activities..... a picnic at the zoo. Maybe we'll make it to a movie aftewards too. We'll see.

So that's our busy week...none stop. I'm not sure how I'll get things checked off my "to-do list", but hopefully I will, I'll accomplish some of them. These past 2 weeks I have been able to get some things done though. Check! Check! Check! As Vickie Osborne would say.

Our newest purchases have been:
1. Baby Bath tub
2. J-I-L-L-I-A-N letters to hang over her cátre/crib.
3. post-delivery mommy care stuff.
4. Daddy back-pack (doubly serves as one of Clau's early Birthday Presents)
5. 12 month jean overalls.... SO cute.. I love overalls on infants!! (that wasn't on the to-do list, but it's fun stuff! )

... I'm getting all our bags ready. only 4 1/2 weeks left until my due date and possibly in 2 weeks Jillian COULD be born!!! maybe??? I only hope so! As long as she waits until Nona, PaPa and Ian get here on the 13th. From then on, she's got the green light!
I've washed all her baby clothes and blankets, so they are ready to use. I can't express the excitement and yet still how strange it is to see tiny pink baby clothes hanging out on the line. CRAZY!

We pulled out Ian's 2 big trunks of books that he/mom left us. What a gold mine!!! I found a ton of children's books. The only disadvantage is that Abuela and Abuelo won't be able to read them... I guess they'll just have to be a little more creative and tell alternative stories to the books. :)
But I am SOOOO happy to have these treasures. Reading is something I want all my kids to love to do. Clau and his siblings learned to love reading from a young age, Caleb and Phoebe do too... and I was just too independant (so I'm told) as a child to let mom read to me, and consequently... it has been a habit that I've had to develope over the years, but I would really like my children to love to read from the start. As my mom always says, "if you love reading, you can learn ANYTHING!" No limits. That's pretty cool, and a something I want to instill in my kids from a young age. Now that I have all these books at my/our finger tips to read.... maybe... just maybe, they will love to read.

I've still got to find a Pediatrician here in town. It's hard when you don't know anyone around, and all of the Molina's pediatricians from when they were little are either not practicing anymore or dead. :(.... How to pick the right pediatrician????

The other thing on my to do list is making some wipes. My cousin, Sarah, gave me this tip. It's the same as store bought wipes, just not as expensive. I'm going to try it! Obviously for convienence I'll keep the store bought kind in a diaper bag. But for the house, I can use these. I'll give it a try and let you all know how they turn out. :)

Well.... that's my update for now. Sorry if you get borred with these details, but it's mostly what's been taking up my time these days.

les mando un abrazo muy fuerte a todos,


Kristin Cunningham said...

I love the update!! I've been thinking about calling because I saw where you said you were on winter break so I figured I had a good chance of catching you at home. Although the next week or so seems to be very busy for you! Sounds exciting. I'm so excited about the shower I've got something special for it, hopefully it will make it's way down to you. What time during the day is good to call??? I feel it's time for a chat, expecially before little miss Jilly-bean gets here!: ) Love you girl!!! I'll "see" you Saturday!! Much love!!

Amy Donell Molina said...

YEAH!!! YOU'RE COMING!!!!! I'm so happy!
Really in the mid-afternoon.... any time after 2-ish or so is fine to call. We're taking advantage of our mornins while we can and sleeping in... especially since Jillian hasn't been letting me sleep much at night. This week is crazy, but it doesn't mean you can't try and call! So whenver is best for you!!!
I'll see you tomorrow!!!