Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Jillian's Room... and more

Jilly's "Cátre" came in this past week. It was so fun to see her "abuelo" put it together so eagerly. It was a special gift from her "abuelo y abuelita" Molina.
She'll sleep soundly (I hope) in it for her first 4 months. It turned out beautiful.
It even has little fairies on it-too-boot.

Clau's still working on the art-work. Hopefully we'll be able to hang some flower fairies on her wall before she gets here.

Her daddy and I went out and got her, her first little earings. They are gold with a little white diamond in the middle. Here, it is tradition for little girls to get their ears peirced in the hospital... and also to get their heads shaved so their hair will grow in evenly (boys too, so they say). We're going for the peirced ears and not the head shaving. :) Who cares if her hair doesn't come in "evenly"!!
We also got her her first "Bible". It's the Sally Lloyd-Jones children's story Bible in Spanish and English. I'm really excited about it, and the fact that both Mom and Papi can read it to her!

To change the subject a little and just give a general update... Clau and I are doing well. Obviously our lives have been greatly transformed by this new little life we're preparing to take care of and a soul to guard and teach. That's taken up a lot of Clau and I's everyday conversations... but recently Clau's family (uncles and sister) have had surgeries. Both of his uncles have cancer and have been opperated on in the past week. It's made it difficult on Jorge (Clau's dad) and has effected his own health. So, I ask for your prayers to our mighty God that He would heal their hearts of their greatest sickness that has caused their first death, and also for their physical wellness now.

I'm on winter break now. Yesterday was my official first day. This year they have extended winter vacation to 3 weeks and in some private schools to 4 weeks due to the emergency health alert Argentina is under for the A Flu (swine flu). As well as just the general cold that seems to be circulating all over, and espeically in schools among young children. I may not even return and just take my maternity leave from here until after Jillian is born. The high risk people are pregnant ladies and others with low-immunity systems due to other illnesses.
So all that to say, my days are being filled with friend visits, cooking, nesting, organizing my closets and trying to make room for baby equipment, napping, walking, reading, translating, retreat planning, and just trying to stay healthy.
With all this cold stuff it pretty much limits my outings.

Clau is workin' hard and taking care of me. He's an amazing man. He never stops serving. Washing dishes, pulling down things from the closet, cooking on occassion, putting on my socks and shoes for me, taking my walks with me, letting me nap for as long as I want, cleaning the bathroom, oh and so many more ways... giving me "todos los gustos". He's my steady rock and truely the only man I could have ever married.
And as long as I "repay" him with a chocolate pudding, fresh biscuits, and a meatloaf or tacos every once in a while, he's a happy man. :)
He's also by my photographer. So here's a 33-34 week prenancy update. Enjoy!.. and I'll try to update more often now that I'm on break.

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