Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jillian's Stats

Jillian Juliette Molina
August 18th, 2009
3 kilos and 750 grams (8lbs)
50 centemeters long
healthy and strong!

She's crazy about her hands. She waves them all around and if you tuck them in under her blankets or swadel them in, she gets real mad and wiggles them loose.
She won't sleep unless you swadel her in real tight either... of course with the exception of her arms. She's almost found her thumb! I think we'll end up with a thumb sucker.

She loves late night talks with her daddy and day cuddle time with mommy. She's already discovered her daddy's beard.

Her hunger increases more and more every day. I call her our little "chanchita" (piggy) or.... our Hungry Catepillar. She's a strong nurser! From the first day she had NO PROBLEM latching on. And mommy's getting better at it too. Today we had two nap time stretches of 4 hours and thrity minutes. And some good long wake time.

Her eyes are blue. Her lips are just like Clau's. She's got her mamma's dimpled chin. Her fingers are long... not like mine. Maybe she'll be a piano player like her daddy! She's got hair! It's dark, but not black. I think it might lighten up some as she gets older. Both Clau and I were blond when we were little. And every day we're discovering more!

We have fallen in love with her. I feel like she's the Grand Canyon. No matter how many pictures you take or how many times you see it you are still always amazed at how big and vast it is and you're never really able to capture all it's beauty. No matter how many times we look and stare at our little girl, we are so amazed at her... and every day we fall in love with her even more.

We send everyone lots of love and MANY THANKS for all your prayers and notes. We are SO happy and just soaking up these precious days.


Clau, Amy, and Jillian


Ashley said...

So glad she's here, Amy! :o) Love you lots and praying for you as you get settled into being a mom.

Kristin Cunningham said...

She's Beautiful!!! I love the update!! Can't wait to see more pictures. You're so right, it is a little like the Grand Canyon. It's hard to not just stare at them all day. Pictures don't do them justice!! So happy for you and Clau!! Call when you get a momment!!:)

melandaaron said...

She really is beautiful Amy! I am so happy for you , we were all praying for you and are so glad that you had a wonderful delivery! I love all of the pictures! I know what joy a little one can bring, enjoy every moment!

Anonymous said...

Claudio y Amy,
Qué hermosa su hija! Felicitaciones! Me hace sonreir pensar en la alegría y la admiración que deberían sentir los dos al tenerla ya por fin en sus brazos. :) Qué regalo más dulce de parte de Dios!

Saludos de paz a la familia de tres!