Saturday, August 08, 2009

Last 10 days of Pregnacy

1. It takes 5 pillows for me to get comfortable to sleep.
2. I'm craving: fruit, pizza, Burger King Hamburgers, Oreo Cookies and milk!!
decoded - protein, calcium, and Vitamin C.
3. I'm "nesting" like crazy or maybe I'm just driving Claudio Crazy.
My silverware drawer is spick and span! :)
4. INSOMNIA!!!!!!!! My brain won't shut up!
5. Stretch Marks... yep. Despite creams and all.
6. Claudio won't let me do anything!! I guess that's a good thing though, right?
7. Mom, Dad, and Ian get here in 5 days. WAHOOOOOO!
8. I can't put my own shoes and socks on!
9. I'd love a nice big Hot Dog and Alcohol!!!ahhh yeah! (two things I haven't eat in the past 9 months).
10. I'll be enjoying lots of movies these last few days. Tonight's selection: Gohst Town. Looks funny.

We're on the 10 day countdown. I went to my doctor yesterday and Little Miss Jillie-bean is STILL breech. Stubborn little thang. We went ahead and programed the C-section for August 18th, one day before my birthday and THE day of her Abuela's Birthday! She had to steal SOMEONES day. It was bound to be Bilma's or mine.

The ONLY nice thing about this planned C-section is that we KNOW FOR SURE that PawPaw (my dad) and Ian will be present for her birth. They'll even get to enjoy her for a a few days before they have to leave.
I am a person that likes to KNOW. I like to have things planned out. I wouldn't have chosen this ever on my own for many obvious reasons.... but in the end God knows exactly what we need.
I am fully confident in our doctor, Dr. Marini. He really has been such a blessing to me. We prayed and prayed that we would find a good Doctor, someone I felt comfortable with, and someone who wouldn't mind answering all my crazy questions 1. because of my unfamiliarity with the whole medical system, and 2. I just want to KNOW!... and the Lord really answered that prayer for Clau and I.
He's a very patient, soft spoken, professional, knowledgable man whose smile puts you at ease. He's been nothing but patient with me and all my questions and concerns and has knowledgeably explained everything to me. What a blessing!!!

So.... here's to the last days of pregnancy with Jillian! Cheers!


Kristin Cunningham said...

So Excited!!!! Can't wait to see her in pictures!! What time is your C-section?

Ashley said...

Loved reading this, Amy! We'll be praying for you on Aug. 18th and can't wait to see pictures. So glad your family will be there, and I know you are, too! I'm very thankful you have a good doctor, and I'll be praying for him to have wisdom to bring little Jillian safely into the world!

Eowyn's Heir said...

still praying you won't need the c-section! :)

Rebekah Deason-Anderson said...


My youngest was breech and I was not at all happy about having a c-section. In the was so much better and easier for me than the delivery of my first son...I hope things went as well for you...I'm sooooo happy for you and grateful that you're family was able to be there to be a part of it all.....Love you! Rebekah Deason-Anderson