Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Everyone asks us if we're prepared. I'm not sure we are... I don't know. Can you be prepared to have a baby and for all that is to come in parenting? Have I read all the birthing books? yes. Have I read parenting books? yes. Are Claudio and I talking with every parent and getting as much advise as possible? yes. Are we prepared? I think that's something that God does. We don't have everything figured out or all our questions answered, or even all the hypotheticals straight, But I'm confident that the Lord will lead each of our steps, the Holy Spirit guide each of our decisions, and the Grace of God will abound. That's my preparation, I guess.

Jillian Update: She's turned around. Her head was down, and now it's back up top again. She's seriously doing acrobatics inside me! She's weighing around 7lbs. exactly. Her little body is growing and healthy. I'm doing good. I had a little high blood pressure last week so I was put on some precautionary exercise and diet restrictions, but this week my BP has been pretty low (100/65)... so I think we're doing good.
The disappointment was mainly that if she doesn't turn around I'll have a scheduled C-section. yuck! BUT... I suppose that if that is the best for "Jumping Jillie-Bean", than that is what we'll do.

Here are some pictures of what we HAVE been preparing this week:
These are my pretty flowers I planted in our really cool planter at our front window. Clau picked out the flowers, but I think he made a great choice. I love'em!

We finally put up Jillian's letters... among many other things in our house. We've had all kinds of pictures and wall decorations, but we just haven't put them up... I think I've driven Clau crazy by now with hanging things and, "is it even?"... but we're almost done! :)


Eowyn's Heir said...

Hey Amster!

I will be praying about your baby girl; that she will turn around. There are several things you can do to encourage her to flip on her own: (some of those are kinda weird, but the ones of getting on all fours is commonly recommended by my midwife. So is doing handstands in the pool, lol.) Doctors also do external versions-- basically pressing on your stomach and trying to guide her around... I've heard it can really really hurt, but that it can also work.

I would urge, urge URGE you to do anything in your power to avoid a C-section. I have no idea what the medical care is like there, for one, but you don't want anyone to cut you open & rearrange your insides if you can help it! Doctors try to play c-sections off as safe and easy, but, no matter how you cut it (no pun intended), it's STILL a major surgery... hard on you in the long term, and often excruciating in the short term. If you have to have one INSIST on having a low horizontal cut instead of the high vertical cut-- those tend to come open during later contractions. Bad.

Also, I'd strongly urge you to ask around and see if there are any doctors or midwives comfortable delivering breech babies. There are no real extra risks in delivering a baby who is breech (butt or feet first); just doctors aren't familiar with it so they freak out. The main risk is that you might tear... but that's quite likely to happen anyway with a first delivery. (hint I got from a mom of 3 in my church:

Anyway, I'd just strongly urge you to explore ALL your options before you let yourself and your precious cargo go under the knife. I know I'd fight tooth & nail to avoid a c-section unless it was absolutely necessary to save my child or my own life (like if she's transverse, or sidewise). OH! And babies flip all the time... so if you do schedule a c-section, maybe you could try to schedule it for well after your "due date," just in case.

I'll be praying! =D

Eowyn's Heir said...

Good summary of breech possibilities:

Eowyn's Heir said...

one more tip I just thought of, from our childbirth instructor (who is a doula)-- SQUAT. Get in the squatting position as much as you can-- both heels on the ground, basically so you look like a frog. This opens the pelvic outlet by a huge amount (I think up to 75%), meaning Jillian might be more willing to stick her head in that space. Also, Kegel exersises-- look 'em up. They strengthen the pelvic floor muscle, and so encourage proper "dropping" and keep the umbilical cord from prolapsing (coming ahead of the baby's body-- the main scare drs have about delivering breech babies vaginally).

Amy Donell Molina said...

Hey Christina!!!!
I have actually read all of these exercises... and I think I found a couple more. There are some strange theories out there! Vickie O. I think did the actupuncture while she was in France, and it worked.
I'm going to try the Breech Tilt and the all fours is something I do regularly.
There aren't very many "alternative doctors" in Córdoba... and to be honest, I'M not comfortable with delivering a breech baby. Even, though I myself was a breech baby.
I am FULLY AWARE that a C-section is a major surgery. You're right, as "common" as it may be... it IS a big deal. They're cutting your abdomen open!!!!! and several layers at that! However, I know that MANY women have survived them, had several children, and they and their babies have lived healthy and happy lives.
My doctor is obviously going to check Jillie to see if she's turned BEFORE the C-section and as of now, her breech position is the ONLY reason for doing a C-section. Which from what I've read is a pretty VALID reason for a C-section. One of the few real reasons for a C-section that even Natural birth "pushers" accept.
We DO have a scheduled C-Section on Aug. the 18th. So... unless she flips.... I will be having a C-section... and I will trust the Lord with my Doctor, our decisions, my health, Jillian's health, my recuperation, and any future births.

Thanks for ALL THE INFORMATION! and the extra websites. I'm already checkin' them out!!!!
love you lots,