Saturday, September 19, 2009

1 MONTH - September 18th 2009

I'm one month old now! Looky what I can do!
smile back at you when you talk to me (3 weeks)
Longer and regular 5-6 hour stretches at night
fold hands and bring hands together
follow the sound of mommy and daddy's voices and find them in the room (as long as they're not too far away)
make lots of funny faces
stick out my tongue
hold my head steady (45 degree angle)
I end every meal with.... HICUPS (just like in utero)
My newborn outfits don't fit me anymore!

My Personality:
fisty, I know what I want and I get really mad when you don't give it to me immediatly. I love to be held, especially at night time before I go to bed.
I love it when my daddy holds me and talks to me, I almost immediatly stop crying.
OH... and I MUST have my hands in everything.

Things I enjoy:
I love my bouncy seat, and I love it even more when you bounce me really high.
I like to go on walks with mommy and daddy in my "mini cooper" (the Bob stroller).
I like to read a few books with mommy before I go to bed at night.


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