Sunday, September 27, 2009

a little behind

Okay... so I've gotten a little behind in my blogging and my 365 Jillian project.
There IS a reason though. Last sunday I was put in the hospital with a 103.6 *F temperature and obviously some kind of infection. It turns out it was a just an normal case of mastitis common to new nursing mothers (ME).... that apparently causes very high temperatures. The on call doctor gave me a shot to bring down my temp. and it did.... along with my Blood pressure too! Within minutes of the shot I couldn't see, hear, or breath. Not fun. Hence...why they hospitalized me... they just felt I was too unstable to send me home. On Monday I was released with some antibiotics and a good night's sleep. (Jillian stayed with Abuelo and Abuela, while Clau went to work that night). It sure fel weird not getting up with Jillian in the middle of the night.
Tuesday I spent resting... and Wednesday I went back to school! SO... this past week has been a lot of getting up to speed on my classes and taking things back over, balancing work, baby, and home.... and trying to find a new rythm for our family for these last few months of school (November 30th is Wallace's graduation day).
Friday I went to my OBGYN for my final check-up. Everything seems to be fine and I no longer need to see him...and don't want to... for the next 2 to 3 years. :)
So on that front... no news is good news. I get to enjoy Jillian alone for the next 3 years... and that sounds pretty good to me. :)
I've lost a total of 11.5 kilos (which is about 25lbs)... but I've still got about another 10 kilos to go! ugh! Hopefully getting back on my feet at work and walking to and from school will help that process... and yes I gained waaaay too much than the recommended amount in any country for a pregnancy.
SO... Sorry for the lack of photography today. I took the camera to church to document Jillian's first sunday... but my camera was out of battery. STINK huh? Next Sunday, I suppose.
Have a great week people... and I'll try to upload some new photos this week.... I think I'm going to just skip these past seven days in the 365 project.


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Kristin Cunningham said...

So glad you're ok and feeling better! That's scary!! i kept checking for an update. A lot has happpened with me too. My daycare is closing on Friday! I have a new job, which I've been at for 2 weeks. We definitely have some catching up to do! When's a good time to call???