Thursday, October 01, 2009

Days 37- 42

Day 42
This... is my favorite.

Day 41
looky at my blue eyes!

Day 40
Jillie stretched out on her changing table. An everyday affair.

Day 39
Her Denis the Menace Hair. I think it's so funny!

Day 38
Reading with Mommy. One of our favorite evening activities. She looks at me as if she understands. :)

Day 37
finally... a smile! She's smiling a lot these days.


Kristin Cunningham said...

Love them all!!!

Kristen Hatfield said...

So sweet! I especially love day 38...we early childhood people are fans of early literacy development. =) Thanks for all the sweet pictures.

Ashley said...

Love these. I can tell by the way she's watching you read, that there's a lot going on in that little brain. Smart girl! :o)

Eowyn's Heir said...

Look at those cheeks!!

Amy Donell Molina said...

Christina, (Eowyn's Heir)
I know... since she was born she had them... but they just keep gettin' bigger. I love my little "chubby bunny". They are PERFECT for lots of kisses. :)

yes... she loves reading. I hope that continues as she gets older too. And of COURSE, I think she is the smartest girl in the world! :) I'm her mother.... I have the right to say things like that, right? :)