Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 20 - 23

Here are some naked baby pictures. I was stupid though and didn't cover the blankets, and of course... Jillie peed. :(... oh well. I hope you enjoy what I got.

Jillie's New Developements:
- She's started to smile and coo more while she's awake in a spontaneous reaction to us talking to her, or us laughing.
- She has one dimple on her left cheeky. Yes! I'm so excited because dimples are not in my family, but Clau's mom, Bilma, has one dimple. So she got her abuela's genes. It's SO cute and it really shows when she smiles big. She has a BEAUTIFUL smile. (of course as only a mother could say.) I'm still trying to capture it on the camera. Maybe I'll have better luck in the future as she begins to smile more while she's awake.
- She loves her bouncy seat and especially when we put it on the vibration setting. Other than being in mom and dad's arms, that's about the only place she's content to sit in. (we're trying to break the in the arms habit a little. It's so hard when everyone in the family wants to hold her al the time. Who can resist such cuteness?)
Day 23

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Day 21

Day 20

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Kristin Cunningham said...

I love them all!!!