Monday, September 07, 2009

Days 14 - 19

Day 19
There's somthing so precious about baby feet.

Day 18
baby feet and mommy and daddy's wedding rings.

Day 17
Angel Sleep (notice this adorable little yellow dress. Thanks Nona!)

Day 16
holding daddy's finger.

Day 15
This girl likes her passy... and when she really wants it... she REALLY wants it... she holds it in her mouth on her own. She's always got to have her hands in EVERYTHING... even nursing... she's my funny bunny.

Day 14
"... and she was STILL hungry." (The Very Hungry Catepillar)
"... you never knew you'd be nursing for 24 hours did you?" (What to expect in the First year).... this is how I feel. :)

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Kristin Cunningham said...

My goodness she is quite a hungry catepiller!!! That's definitely better than the alternative! Don't worry, nursing doesn't last FOREVER, it only seems like there's no end. So glad she is so healthy! I absolutely LOVE all the pictures!! She is just a beautiful baby!!