Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 52

Jillian's Bedroom

I know this doesn't count as day 52 because it was technically taken on day 51... but Jillian told me this morning that she wanted to show everyone her room. She really likes it and she wanted everyone to see it. SO... here is Princess Jillie on her throne in her beautiful room.
Nona painted and de-moldified. The big fairy on the wall was a gift from Our Cousin Marcela (Tia Marcela to Jillie), the little collection of minature animales on her shelf are various gifts from friends and some of my Wallace students, and the beautiful pink daisies are from my dear friend Kristin Cunningham who made us a diaper "cake" with these daisies stuck in them. I couldn't just throw them away... so we implemented them into Jillian's room decor. I finally painted her book shelf and got her toys,books, and stuffed animales put on them (she was given 3 just on the day she was born!)It's finally come together!!! Two months later it's finally finished. Although I'm still waiting on a fairy drawing that Clau is finishing to put above her book shelf. So... I guess we'll wait on that. :)

This is the real shot for day 52

Well... this 365 day Jillian project is really jamming up my computer! I think every time I pull out my camera to get "just one picture" I get 40. And I think, of course, that they are ALL cute and I don't want to earase any of them. I think it's that Grand Canyon thing. Anyways... here is one from this morning. She was kinda serious... she was gettin' a little tired. She ate, played on her gym mat, and was waning. Check out her chubby little arms! I LOVE IT! I hope y'all are enjoying this as much as I am. ;)


Ashley said...

You've done a great job with her room, Amy!

Kristin Cunningham said...

Her room is fabulous!! You did such a great job!! It's a room fit for a princess!!