Friday, October 09, 2009

Days 49 - 51

Day 51
mommy and Daddy eating an icecream

Day 50

Day 49
Jillian is learning to "play" by herself. Now that she's awake a lot more during the day... we're trying to get her in the habit of some "alone" play... that way we can get some things done around the house, and Clau can draw while I'm at work. The first day wasn't so great... she fussed (not cry...fuss)for a little while at the beginning and by the end she was happy and kinda likin' it. Today we tried again, and she played there for a good long time and she was just happy as can be. GO JILLIE!!! However, I'm convinced that her favorite is when we're talking and singing to her. She loves it. I think she's going to be a real social butterfly!

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Kristin Cunningham said...

What a happy girl!! So precious!