Tuesday, November 24, 2009

3 months

I'm three months old now. I turned 3 months the same day that Paw Paw got here!
So here are my new tricks.

- I can grab at things... actually open my hand, aim, and grab... especially mommy's necklaces.
- I eat about 180mL at each feeding
- I sleep an average of 7.5 - 8 hours a night.
- Mommy's trying to teach me to fall asleep in my bed all by myself instead of someone's arms. It's kinda hard, but I'm getting used to it.
- Something I forgot to mention last month was that on October 8th I started sleeping in my own room instead ofm bed in mommy and daddy's room.
- I've chosen my favorite toys: Shiney, Smelly books, my cloth book, and my dolly.
- now when mommy reads to me I grab the book and I like to "turn" the pages too.
- anything I get ahold of I take to my mouth. Things are quite tasty.
- I smile at EVERYONE and almost all the time. I'm a very happy baby.
- I'm getting better at sitting up... (honestly I think she's going to be sitting at 6 months easy.)
- My 3 month clothes barely fit me.
- I've finally grown out of my newborn shoes that Nona bought me, but my other ones are still a littl bit too big.
- Places I've been this month: US Embassy, Buenos Aires, Natalia Villegas' house, Villa Paz, and Iglesia Centro Crecer.

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