Wednesday, November 18, 2009

playing catch up... let's just say we're up to date. Day 90

Here's the most artistic thing I've done this month. This is from monday the 16th.

Havin' a talk with Dolly. I think this is her transferal object now. She LOVES this dolly. She talks to it, stares at it, smiles at it, and laughs at it. It's hilarious...but she really loves this dolly.

We're workin' on tummy time. It's still not her favorite, but it's not so bad if she can look at a book while being on her tummy. She's gettin' better at it everyday.

Jillian dancing with her papi to the beatles

Jillian Has started to grab at things instead of batting at them. IT'S SO FUN to watch her concentrate to grasp at something. It's amazing! On her froggy mat, which she already likes, she grasps at the white tag on the back of the froggy that hangs down. She's an amazing little girl!

Nap time with Tia Gimena (I think this was last thursday)

The truth is... that I haven't taken very many pictures of Jillian this past week. These are a jumble of pictures from the past 2 weeks... but I'm not sure of the exact dates. :(.... sorry. I hope you enjoy what I have taken... we need to do a good November shoot.... coming soon at a blog near you.

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Kristin Cunningham said...

I absolutely love the first picture!! Beautiful!!