Sunday, December 06, 2009

Days 107 - 110

Day 110 (saturday)
The center of attention today was NOT Jillian. Although everyone in the church loves her.... today was a special day. Carmen Catalano (Alejandro's mom) and Monica were baptized. We had a super sweet service, great preaching, and several friends come! The Lord really blessed this day and His Word.
Praise the Lord that He was moved to pity us and save us! What a Redeemer!

Day 109 (Friday)
Papi and Me! Do we look alike?

Day 108 (thursday)

Day 107 (wednesday)
Jillian met her (second) cousin, Bastián!! He's exactly 3 months and 10 days older and about 5 kilo's heavier (20 plus pounds). YES... this kid is huge!!! But he's got polish blood in him.... so he was bound to be big. He's a sweet little boy and Jillian's playmate. It was so funny because when Jorge (Clau's dad) held Bastián she looked at Jorge and started to fuss and cry... like saying, "hey! you're mine! Why are you talking to him?" We had a little jelousy! Of course that made Abuelo feel SOO special! :)

(Thursday morning)
Jillian and I playing "airplane"... she loves it!

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