Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Days 186 - 198

On the Go with Papi Day 192

Water in the face! I love this picture!!

Swimming Day 191

I can Stand!! Day 190

Big Girl drinking from her sippy Day 189

Papi and Daughter Day 188

Happy Play - Day 187

Touch my toes Day 186

Okay... so I'm WAY behind on my 365 day project... I know. Christmas, travel, and a house hunt pretty much stopped me from uploading anything. I've got pictures... I just haven't put them up. SO... we're going to start from Month 6, February 18th. That would be....31 x 6 equals 186. So from Day 186 - Day 198 here you come! That's a total of 12 pictures. :) I've even got some video from Abuelo's new camera... which should count as like 2 days right? :) I hope you enjoy!

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Karuso said...

Fantastic pics! Mom will love these.... She is sooooooo cute! love , Abu #2