Friday, May 07, 2010

Easter and then some

Jillian sportin' her chubby bunny hat! Thanks Nona! We love it! This picture is adorning our livingroom wall!

she's learned how to give kisses!

This is an Easter tradition that's been in the Donell family only for the past 8 or 9 years... but that I want to carry on with Jillian and my family.
It's the ressurrection cake. It's a chocolate cake covered in nuts in the shape of a tomb, with an angel on top saying "he's risen!".... so this is a picture of Jillian and I making our first Resurrection cake together.
This year I read through Noel Piper's Treasuring GOd in our traditions... to refresh my memory on some things and begin to think about what kinds of traditions we'd like to implement in our family for Easter.
do you all have any suggestions?

I've been thinking and pondering the passage in Deuteronomy and how Clau and I can bring Jesus to Jillian's little 8 month old world and life. Here are some ways that Clau and I do that:

1. Who loves baby game. Who love's Jillian? JESUS does! Who loves Jillian? Mommy does! Who loves Jillian? Daddy does! etc.... She LOVES this game. Any of us begins with the special tone of voice and saying "whooooo loooooves JILLian?... and she immediatly smiles.
2. Including her when we pray at meals and bedtime.
3. singing hymns to her and including her in the singing at church.
4. teaching her the "thank you" sign.... teaching her to be thankful.
5. loving others by celebrating their entrance and arrival to our home... we stop whatever we're doing and we make a BIG rucauss(sp)... saying, "Look Jillian! It's ________!!!!!!"
6. Reading her Bible stories from the Lloyd-Jones children's story book about Jesus! Wonderful redemption focused book!
7. and lastly... disciplining with stern "no"´s and slaps on hands and occasionally the thigh/butt sxxxk.... we´re learning to discern what's direct disobedience for Jillian.... and what deserves what.


Karuso said...

Great update Ams,
We are so glad to see you and Clau thinking so deliberately about what Jillian is receiving from you both. I know that this is something new for Clau and the Argentine traditions, but this is the beauty of blending traditions between cultures. You have learned so much of honor and how to show it from Latin Americans. Jillian gets the best of both worlds. Great pics.. She is the cutest baby girl. We would love to see pic of your house.. Can you facebook them? When can we talk? We need to talk?
love papa

Kristin Cunningham said...

So happy to see some pictures!! Jillian is growing up so fast!! She is so adorable!! I love coming up with traditions for our family!