Saturday, April 17, 2010

My brother - March 22nd

Ian "Gift of God"

This is a shout out for my brother Ian. I'm so proud of you Ian! You're the best little brother there is to have and you're 13 now! You've traveled the world, mastered two languages, you've managed moves all over, and you still seem to have your energy and love for friendship and your family.
Despite how much maybe some of us complain of how much energy do you have... the Donell family needed you. You were unplanned and unforseen... but God set you into our family ... and I'm SO HAPPY you were born!! and I'm SO HAPPY you are MY brother. and I'm SO HAPPY that the Lord has set HIS love in you.

Happy 13th birthday bro!!!!
Lots of hugs!
your sister forever in this life and the next,

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Karuso said...

Great entry Amy, We did not know about the post until yesterday, May 2. Sorry we were not paying attention. But Ian read it last night. I hope you get internet soon...we miss you so much..