Saturday, June 19, 2010

10 months

I Can....
blow kisses
give kisses
"walk" holding on to your hands
sign: all done
sit and scoot around (sorta)
clap- that's your favorite. You applaud anything and everything

I love...
momma and papi
abuela and abuelo
tio and tias
to eat
play with your hands
hold your cell phone
play- ravage through bags, purses, and toy boxes
read books
anything that has music on it
a bath
my stacking cups
and shape sorter
to house wrestle
to be affirmed by clapping, smiles, or verbal praise

I am...
very affectionate
quick to reconcile after being "s****ed"
lively- I move constantly

you have the sweetest smile and whenever you enter a room everyone seems to turn and admire you. You're such a blessing to so many. People mostly comment on how good natured and "buenita" you are and how cute you are. You're not afraid of anyone and once you've exchanged a few smiles and tickles with someone new you'll extend your arms out to them. You're a very secure baby and obviously a social butterfly. Occasionaly you look for me or for Papi... but mostly you're fine in the arms of others.

About a week ago you really impacted me. It was maybe one of the sweetest moments for me... at least one of the most memoriable ones. I doubt I'll ever forget it. You were wapping your hands at me (by the way people... this ISN'T common for her), so I spanked your hand and said, "no" firmly. We did this about 3 times. And you just looked at me with your furrowed brow and persisted hitting me. Finally, after the third or fourth time you stopped. Looked at me. and with such tenderness held your arms out, cried and hugged me. It was like you were saying, " I'm sorry mommy!" It was a special moment and I think the first offense, spank, reconcile "cycle" with you.
I saw so much of me in you... kinda stubborn... but in the end... not that hard to "break".
I would say that that is pretty typical of you. Whenever we spank your hand you want to reconcile pretty quickly and sometimes you just want to milk the pitty factor from your abuelos and tios!

Your laugh. ahhh.... you just start cackling whenever we tickle you, sneeze, make funny noises, or whenever Papi, presses his nose against the window or even just a good ol' game of hide-and-go-seek. We LOVE to hear you laugh.

Now that you've caught on to waving goodbye whenever you see people pick up thier purse or put on their coat you immediatly start to wave and blow kisses. You're very observant and you pick up on social cues really well.

One of my favorite things you do is whenever you play with other kids you lean down to look at their face and your smile at them. You just want to see their face.

A new "game" you play with mommy is where's your... nose, eyes, hair, mouth, cheeks, etc... with me. I think you're catching on to nose, hair, and eyes.

Your facinations:
you love birds! Whenever you're at Abuelo's house you often go "bird watching" around the yard. You love hands... still. Books... I think you're favorites are still I love you Through and Through, Brown Bear, and the new one is Puppy.
You're really getting into animales now too. You're noticing all the dogs, cats, and any other crawling creature around you, and of course the animales in books: lions, ducks, cows, chickens, frogs, etc...

I love you so much and we are enjoying getting to know you and discover the world through your eyes.

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