Saturday, June 05, 2010

panda play - 9m 2w 0d

Friday June 4th, 2010

She's started this wrinkled nose sniff thing... it's so funny!! She's got some funny faces. She's our little clown! :)

We've also been incooperating baby sign language into our daily routines now. Here are the words we're signing:
banana, grape, water, juice, milk, eat, hungry, sleep,"estrellitas" which are her little star oatmeal cereals, book, all done, bye bye, more, and bath.
I think those are the basics...for now. But this is going to be such a great link between the two langauges... and a great help for communication with her before she starts talking. I'm really excited about it.
So far she's got "bye bye" down really good waving goodbye, and all done. I think she's starting to get "more". I'll keep you posted :)

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