Wednesday, May 23, 2012

10 weeks

Olivia is wearing a hand knit sweater that some old ladies from a nursing home where my mom and dad ministered back in the 80's. These sweet ladies gave mom and dad a little shower for me... and got together and knitted a whole bunch of little things for their "Amy". This little sweater is one of things that mom saved through all these years. I used to put it on my dolls...and now my little girl is wearing it!! The owl was a gift from OBA (aka Vickie Osborne) that I think she's taken a liking to.
your kicking and cooing... alert and smiley. As your Papi says, "le haces fiesta" when you sit in your bouncy seat between meals. We tried the "crying it out" method with you... and feel you're still too young to settle yourself down. So maybe, next month baby girl. This past week was the first time your sister held you and you didn't start crying. You looked at her and smiled as she talked and sang to you. It was a sweet sisters moment.

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