Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Jillie Bean"

Jillian Juliette - 2 years 9 months You LOVE to DANCE, girl. You're crazy good at it for a two year old. You've started dance classes this month with our friend, Mariana. You've gone to 4 classes and you're already getting the hang of it, learning a routine, and getting better! You've grown up in so many ways, it's hard to believe. Many kids, when they have a new sibling introduced into the family take a few steps back in their have not. You've only advanced and matured since Olivia, "mia hermana", as you say... came to be in our family. You can use the curser and navigate pretty well on the Sesame Street web page, cut with scissors, color in the lines, paint, sign your alphabet, recognize the alphabet letters (in English), speak fluently (as a 2 year old can) in English and Spanish. You can sing almost any Beatles song... and if you don't know it... you can at least DANCE to it! I know you've grown taller because you can reach the light switch in your room to turn the light on and off now. You are the best girlie! You're so full of life, personality, and LOVE. We love you to death!!!

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