Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2 months

(May 12th, 2012)
(Mother's Day USA) She's cooing and gargle "talking" with you... and is so responsive to you talking to her. she found her fists this past Thursday (May 10th) She's pretty content after she wakes up from her naps to just sit in her crib and look around, stare at her fists, or anything else I've put in her crib for her to look at. She likes her raddle shakers on her car seat and anywhere else I've hung them from. She sees from a distance...because she follows you with her eyes across the room now. Olivia is LOOOOOOng and skinny legged.... we love her to death and has forever changed our family. I can't believe she's 2 months old!! On one hand I feel like it was a long time ago that she came to be with us... and on the other hand.... I feel like it was just yesterday that we came home from the hospital.

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