Monday, June 18, 2012

14 weeks

Well, your sleeping habits are rather strange! I fear you are of the same species as your Papi.... you don't need much sleep. Most babies your age are sleeping 15 hours... you however sleep 13. OH how I wish you'd sleep those extra 2 hours. :) We're working on that a bit. You keep your head super steady and held up high. When I pull you up from your arms to a sitting position you hold your head. You stand up for a good while when we hold you up. Maybe it's time to pull out the Exer-saucer?! You're starting to get a double chin! Your Ped. put mommy on a pill that makes me produce more milk ... and I think it's helping your intake...resulting in a chubbier and even cuter Olivia Eden!! Love you so much little girl and I LOOOVE your smile! Sweet Olivia Moment: we were laying in bed and I was dozing off in that typical morning time.... you were wide awake. You wapped your hand across my face and grabbed my check... like saying, "hey mommy...wake up!" Jillian and Olivia moment: Jillian climbed (practically on top of you)... and just gave you a good squeeze and said "I Luuuuv you!" Your sister really does love you and adores you as much as any 2 year old sister can! wapp don't you just LOVE her smile? it's so charming, innocent, beautifully shy! It melts me!


Eowyn's Heir said...

oh I meant to post this last week-- but have you checked out the World Health Organization growth charts? They have separate ones for breast and formula-fed babies, because bf babies tend to follow a totally different curve than their formula-fed peers. They often are far thinner, or start off bulking up BIG time and then drastically taper off, bc maternal milk changes composition over the nursing span. So when they're compared to formula-fed kids, they often are way low on the "percentiles," when, really, since bm is the more natural way, the formula-fed kids are actually more likely to be the "abnormal" ones. And percentiles are kinda silly, anyway... the important thing is that each child grows steadily, NOT that they grow as fast or as much as someone else's kids... especially when you take into account the VAST difference in genetics! My 5' tall friend is probably more likely to have short babies than I am, you know? Anyway, maybe the WHO growth chart will be reassuring to you. :) Our pediatrician always said "as long as she's growing every month, and developing normally, and obviously isn't crying from hunger, then we're good!"

Eowyn's Heir said...

here are links:

Amy Donell Molina said...

that's helpful... thanks christina!
she has been growing at a steady rate... and developmentally doing just fine.