Thursday, June 28, 2012

15 weeks

Olivia, you always slip off your right shoe or slipper. You do this feet rubbing thing and you always kick it off. Thankfully we haven't lost a shoe yet! You're drueling more and sucking your thumb ... are your teeth coming in? Your top gum line seems to getting harder... so maybe you are starting to cut some teeth true to the Molina teething timeline (5 months). We gave you your first bottle last night (June 27th) and you slurped it down like no bodies business once you figured out what it had in it. MIIIIILK!!! 50mL in 30 seconds. You've started to kinda laugh out loud and squeel in joy. Which is adorable. your sleeping habits are regular now. Which is awesome. 7-7.5 hours straight at night. Your down for the night by 10 sometimes 11. You take two good naps during the day. One in the morning from 8-10/11 and another starting at 1:30/2-5ish or so. I do think you take after your Papi with sleep.... you don't need as much as most 3 month olds do (14 hours). You have the sweetest smile and beautiful blue eyes. You're still in 0-3 months clothes that fit you just right...although some of your sleepers with feet in the ends of them are getting too short... but you're mostly using 3-6 months clothes now even though they are a big long on you. You'll grow into them in due time I'm sure! I love you my beautiful Olivia Eden!

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